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Love is probably the most underrated word in the history of English language, or maybe so as its translation in every other language, and history of that language itself.

The word “love” has been degraded in its use to its most shallow usage imaginable. I see more “love” as an excuse, not a responsibility. I see more “love” as vindication, not consequence.

The problem with it is because Love is highly commoditized. You’ve seen it in stories, books, movies, fantasies, and fairytales. Its deep root in our hard-wired brain made it possible to crawl into our subconscious mind without notice.

Love is an emotion. Everybody knows. What people don’t know is: when emotion is involved, it’s important for us to be able to associate the right human experience to the emotion itself. Love requires us to be able to assign the right human connection meaningful to the word itself before we could use it as an excuse.

Love is underrated because it is overused, even when association with the right human interaction isn’t there at the first place.

Love is more than just flowers and instant connections. Love is a responsibility. A consequence of series of actions. Not a prerequisite of instant understanding. Love isn’t a function of life-future-forecasting. It doesn’t guarantee happiness. Love isn’t happiness… Not even close.

Love is a tool of trumping adversity. And like any other tool, it require us to have the right skill and hard work to use it. But love is not an all-purpose tool. To use it as an all-purpose tool is like trying to use flour for every dish you want to cook. This is something that was most often forgotten. People go on with their lives, thinking that love could be the reason for them to do things: bad or good, stupid or smart. But in the end it was never really a good thing to hold on to. Love is elusive.

Love is selfish. It gives power more to yourself than to others. It taught YOU lessons, and made YOU able to learn things from YOUR own experiences. Never does this apply to other people. Love works more for you as an encouragement, and to others just like cocaine.

Love isn’t an excuse. It isn’t a reason. Love is an answer to some bigger riddle in life you need to solve first. So stop using it, or treating the word like it’s the answer to every questions you have in your life.

That’s so true. Maybe I don’t understand love at all.

20 7 / 2014

I tried something different this year during my birthday. I set my birthday date on my Facebook page days before so it can only seen by me. 

What for? Well, for many years since I’ve got my Facebook account, a lot of people congratulate me regard of this. It is not a surprise because eventually Facebook shows people who has their birthday on News Feed, so it is easy to find out. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate what they did or wished for me back then. However, it lacks of personal touch, IMHO. It is not special enough. So, I wanted to find out how it turned to be when there’s no notification from Facebook.

First wish came from my parents. They came to my bedroom and congratulate me. It happened in minutes because they were tired and also worried about waking up late for having sahoor.

During the day, I’ve got several messages wished me a happy birthday. From my brother who posted our old photo on Path, from my closest friends, my senior high school friends, etc. I have to admit that the number of people who congratulate me is lesser than before. Surprisingly, I am happier!

At least, I’ve got some prayers from people who really put a thought on my birthday. There were also unexpected people who give me a call toward it and you should know how heartwarming they are. :)

Well, I’ll keep doing it this way.

PS: I set back my birthday visibility on Facebook page. It doesn’t matter anymore, for a while :D

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"Let it go."

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bacon, egg, and toast cups ©

aduh, yummy banget iniii

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"Suddenly remember how sweet you were. It seems the good memories of you are more dominating. It’s a good thing, no?"

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Di saat teman-teman saya jam 6 pagi sudah harus di jalan menuju kantor, saya baru bangun dan menyiapkan sarapan roti dan teh untuk ayah ibu saya.

Di saat teman-teman saya merantau di lain pulau, saya masih berkesempatan untuk berkumpul dengan keluarga setiap hari.

Mungkin penghasilan saya gak seberapa dibanding teman-teman yang lain, tapi setidaknya saya gak mesti minta uang untuk memenuhi hasrat saya hura-hura atau sekedar membayar angkot saat bepergian.

Well, tampak nyaman hidup saya. 


Saya butuh keluar untuk memenuhi panggilan jiwa yang ingin berpetualang. Bukan dalam artian harfiah. Kadang-kadang, keluar merupakan satu-satunya cara untuk mengenal dan mendorong diri sendiri. Dunia tidak hanya terbatas rumah atau kampung halaman.

Semoga rasa gelisah ini tidak pernah hilang oleh kenyamanan saya saat ini.

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Baru-baru ini, saya merefresh playlist lagu dengan The Beatles (tepatnya bukan merefresh sih, tapi mengganti). Awalnya, saya menonton Konser Tribute “The Beatles - The Night that Changed America”. Beberapa lagu yang diperdengarkan terasa sangat catchy di telinga. Akhirnya, saya mendapati diri saya sedang berseluncur di halaman Wikipedia yang membahas The Beatles dan lagu-lagu mereka. Ternyata pada masa itu, mereka semua ganteng sekali :D

George Harisson, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon

Saya juga menonton salah satu film mereka, “A Hard Day’s Night” yang rilis tahun 1964. Mungkin karena saya menonton filmnya, saya jadi suka dengan lagu-lagu yang dinyanyikan di film tersebut. (FYI: film-nya agak aneh menurut saya, tapi cukup menghibur kok)

Rasanya, untuk saat ini, beberapa lagu yang saya sukai dan saya masukkan dalam playlist saat saya menyetir (saya sudah 4 hari menyetir lho, yeay!) adalah:

  1. If I Fell
  2. She Loves You
  3. All My Loving
  4. With A Little Help From My Friends
  5. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
  6. I’ve Just Seen a Face

Masih ada sih lagu yang lain, tapi yang di atas untuk sementara ini menjadi top 6 saya.

Khusus untuk nomer 1 dan 6, saya suka sekali dengan liriknya. Selain liriknya yang sederhana, lagu-lagu tersebut sedikit menyentil kehidupan pribadi saya (hahaha). But it’s true, tough!

Nomer 1, If I Fell. If I give my heart to you // I must be sure // from the very start that you // would love me more than her. Lagu ini cocok sekali untuk mengawali hubungan baru. Can you feel the pain he had before? Hahaha. Melodinya juga simpel dan tentunya, catchy di telinga saya.

Nomer 6, I’ve Just Seen a Face. Sebenarnya saya mendengar ini saat menonton The Voice episode Blind Audition. Lagu ini dinyanyikan secara duet oleh Dawn and Hawkes. Kalau baca liriknya, rasanya ingin sekali suatu saat ada seseorang yang menyanyikan lagu ini tentang saya.  I’ve just seen a face // I can’t forget the time or place where we just meet // She’s just the girl for me // And want all the world to see we’ve met // mmm-mmm-mmm-m’mmm-mmm

Oldies ya? Tapi mendengarkan lagu The Beatles, saya dapat hint kalau you shouldn’t do much sometimes. Even a little action can affect so much like a punch.

It seems that I should listen another The Beatles’s song, yaa? 

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Just a beautiful cover!

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I have been struggled for months. It has been a journey for me to handle such things like… disappointment. In the end, all we have to do is to love. Love is cure to everything.
We should be grateful when we still be able to love. Believe me, anger and hatred you can possibly have will be magically swept away.
I will take this lesson for the rest of my life :)

I have been struggled for months. It has been a journey for me to handle such things like… disappointment. In the end, all we have to do is to love. Love is cure to everything.

We should be grateful when we still be able to love. Believe me, anger and hatred you can possibly have will be magically swept away.

I will take this lesson for the rest of my life :)

03 4 / 2014

Hi, you!

How are you doing? As I met you yesterday, I can conclude that you are in a good condition. I am glad to see you yesterday.

Well, it has been 5 months. I believe that there some things happened in your life, right? Because there things that happened in mine, too.

There’s a thing I wish I could tell you directly. I want to say sorry. I know I already said that but I feel it is important to say like about this one.

I am sorry that I called you stupid once back then.

Do you remember about a year ago, when we talked about how our love life before with our friends? You said that you were still stuck on your ex for years. Me, who thought knowing everything, said “Hey, what are you doing? You haven’t moved on. That’s stupid. Good things will come ahead!” After a while, you said to me that the word STUPID has struck you and made you think.

In the end, I ended up falling in love with you who I called stupid.

Through this 5 months, I realize that you can’t easily say to people, “Hey, you should move on! Let him/her go!” Those just words. Like my friend said, "Funny thing, our lives are… there are a lot of people that might have told you about letting go and moving on. Most of them could have said it the way I said it. But we’ll never understand it until we experience it firsthand". So, thank God for your presence. I never regret to let you in in my life and my heart.

In the end, happy birthday, you! Hope you always be protected and be blessed.